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Play is the brain’s favorite way of learning

Diane Ackerman

A sophisticated toy store experience

Founded in 1976, The Haymarket Hobby & Toys Store is located in Ship Bottom on magical Long Beach Island, New Jersey. We specialize in providing a fine collection of unique, high-quality hobby, game and toy items from all over the world. More than just a toy store, our play-based business provides fun, sophisticated novelties for both children and adults alike.

More than just a toy store

Susan and John Hay are the young-at-heart owners of The Haymarket Hobbies & Toys, proud to share their vast collection of playthings. If you’re a visitor to Long Beach Island, stop in to see what sets The Haymarket apart from others and why this well-known destination of fun has received the People’s Choice Award for the Best Hobby & Toy Store for 16 years in a row.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old

We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing.

George Bernard Shaw


Games are an ideal way to think creatively, practice logic and engage with others.


Carefully chosen, with quality, craftsmanship and that magical “fun factor” in mind.


We’re very proud to carry unique, sophisticated, top-of-the line hobby, craft and art supplies.

Kind Words From

Happy Clients

“I’m so glad we have a store like The Haymarket Hobbies & Toys right here on LBI. Magic happens the second a child (or adult) walks in. It’s been a local icon for my entire life and now I have the privilege of bringing my daughter. The magic lives on!” • Danni H.

“There are so many toys here, I don’t know where to start so I just play everywhere!” • Jared J.

“Best toy store at the Jersey shore!! It has everything from stuffed animals and LEGO sets to board games and build-your-own model planes!!! I go there at least once a week because I love it so much!” • Rachel R.

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